Become a Copper & Slate Pack Leader


  • make one personal purchase during each term. (I recommend shopping for our OG signature bandanas to prevent being ‘out of season’.) 
  • post 2 pictures monthly promoting our bandanas.
  • upload to Google Drive 1-2 unedited, unposted photos each month.
  • share sales, giveaways and launch announcements with your discount code during the sale, giveaway, or pre-launch hype.
  • actively engage with our posts and stories - I can promise you’ll gain friends by doing this! our pack is family here!

Pack Leader Perks:

  • surprise gift shipped with your first term purchase
  • a 20% off code for you to use
  • a 15% off code for friends and family
  • an online family that shows nothing but love & support
  • features on our page, website, and story
  • more engagement on your posts from other pack leaders
  • pride that your pup is helping tails everywhere (no better feeling than knowing it’s for a good cause)

Extra Perks:

  • If your personal code and friends and family code gets used a combined amount of 8x used you will receive a free item of your choice! After redemption your count starts over.
  • Exclusivity from us when hosting giveaways. We will absolutely participate in your giveaway and offer a shop credit. 
  • I like to give a higher discount to those who have met the expectations. If you’d like to get an occasional higher discount please continue to post, share, and engage with our posts and other pack leaders.

Pack giveaways and contests to win exclusive items!

⫸ terms:
•⋘ by entering you are agreeing to all the expectations listed above
•⋘ modeling terms are 3 months

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