Our Vision

Copper & Slate was inspired by my own dogs, Huey & Odie, who are both rescues. both of my boys love to wear clothing; whether for a photo, party, or even just casually around the house. Huey takes great pride in flaunting his clothing and accessories.

Not every pet is lucky enough to have a loving home to call its own. For every item you purchase from Copper & Slate $1 is donated to rescues and shelters across the country. You can rest assured that you will be styling your pet with handpicked designs and also helping those pets in desperate need. Helping Tails Everywhere!

In addition to those donations I will also be donating bandanas to local rescues. dogs are more likely to get adopted when they look their best!

We look forward to seeing your pups in our bandanas and love watching them grow and live their best lives!

- Angela, Owner of Copper & Slate